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Borregaard Synthesis

Borregaard Synthesis manufactures fine chemicals for global pharmaceutical and related markets.

Our core expertise allows us to concentrate on such applications as x-ray contrast media (XRCM) and advanced intermediates.

Borregaard Synthesis is focused on its core capabilities and is positioned to be highly competitive in meeting the demands of the modern pharmaceutical market.

Borregaard Synthesis ensures total commitment in projects with our customers. Continuous improvement also optimizes the efficiency of long-term projects, while our approach to communication provides our customers' personnel with continuous access to their Borregaard counterparts. 

  • Our core products

    Borregaard Synthesis ensures our customers a stable manufacturing process which gives high quality products.Main applications are within X-ray contrast media and agrochemicals.All our products can be delivered in drum... Les mer
  • Small scale plant

    Development of new processesProcess development in the laboratory Develop a procedure suitable for scale-up. Typical preparation of test sample(s) Assessment of possible scale-up issues Develop analytical methods... Les mer
  • Contact us

    Borregaard AS Anne-Kate Storheill Phone: +47 6911 8395e-mail: Borregaard North America Peter Demchko  Phone: +1 845 624 1030e-mail: peter.... Les mer